Star Trek Online Calendar of Events

Thursday, April 3, 2014

First Contact Day Event Live!

From now until April 7 10am Pacific Time, Star Trek Online is celebrating First Contact Day for the Federation, Day of Honor for the Klingon Empire, and new this year for the Romulan Republic, Republic Day!

See your faction's flagship captains to take part:

Federation Captains should visit Captain Shon aboard the Enterprise-F to meet the crew and receive a Phoenix replica representing Earth's first warp-capable spacecraft!

Onboard the Klingon flagship Botasqu', Captain Koren will have a task for you to complete for the Klingon Day of Honor. Your reward for this will be a special Tritanium Rending Bat'leth!

Romulan players will want to visit Commander Tiaru Jarok aboard the Republic flagship Lleiset. Upon completing the task there, you'll be rewarded with a nanov non-combat pet!

Find out more information about this event from the STO devblog here.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mirror Universe Invasion Event

Star Trek Online has revamped the Mirror Universe Invasion event! Now Obisek's Vauthil Station is under attack from the Terran Empire and needs the aid of Starfleet and the KDF! During this event (March 13-April 2), players will be able to run a special reputation project for Dilithium, extra Marks, or a unique Duty Officer!

More information can be found at the devblog here.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bonus Marks Weekend!

Time for another special weekend event in Star Trek Online! Starting tomorrow, 20 Feb. 2014 (after the morning patch est. 10am PST) until 24 Feb 2014 (10am PST), ALL content that awards Fleet and Reputation Marks will be giving out an extra 50%! Time to start moving up the reputation ladders!

More information about this event can be found in the devblog here.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dilithium Weekend Event!

Are you ready to haul in the Dilithium? From now until 10am PST on February 10, Star Trek Online is having a Bonus Dilithium Weekend! During this event you'll earn at least 50% more Dilithium from all activities that grant Dilithium!
  • Vlugta Asteroid Field:
    • 100% Bonus Dilithium Ore for Daily Mining Missions
    • 100% Bonus to all Rich Dilithium Claims
  • Fleet Dilithium Mine:
    • 100% Bonus Dilithium Ore for Daily Mining Missions
  • Everywhere else in the game: (including turning in Marks/Neural Processors/Cybernetic Implants, etc.)
    • 50% Bonus Dilithium Ore
More information can be found at the devblog here.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Season 8.5 and Event System Revamp

Hi everyone! Season 8.5 is here today and it's bringing a lot of changes with it (patch notes here). Among those changes, and dear to the heart of this blog are changes to the Event System. You may have read the recent devblog regarding this revamp, but one of the major changes is that Cryptic is moving away from the hourly event system that has been in place for two years now and will be changing it up for more daily or weekly events.

What does this mean for SubSpace Agenda? Well, as you may have seen from the large calendar above, I've removed the regular hourly content from the future timeslots. The ongoing weekly content remains, and probably in the future I'll be switching the calendar's default weekly view to a monthly view instead. I may make more format changes here as soon as more information becomes available about upcoming events and we see more details about how these weekly/daily events will unfold.

Until then, Happy Fourth Anniversary STO, and enjoy Season 8.5!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pre-Anniversary Giveaway Day 3: Gladius/SuQob ships

It's the final day of Star Trek Online's Pre-Anniversary Giveaway, and today they're celebrating by giving away FREE ships!

Log in today, before 10am PST January 30, and claim your free Gladius-class Escort or SuQob-class Raptor!

More information on these items can be found on the STO devblog here.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pre-Anniversary Giveaway Day 2: Defiant/Bird-of-Prey Bridge Packs

It's day 2 of Star Trek Online's Pre-Anniversary Giveaway, and today's item(s) are Bridge Packs to customize your ship interiors!

For Starfleet Players, you can claim a free Defiant Bridge pack, and Klingon Defense Force players can pick up a Bird of Prey bridge pack!

For more information, see the devblog here.